Friday, 27 September 2013

Harry Potter fever!

Oh yes, it is that time of the year again, where I can not resist myself to start reading the books over again, but then who can?! This morning after my workout I made a cosy corner and blended a ncie cup of coffee to start on my never ending reading list.

Borrowed some, got some on discount, but my collection has stayed untouched. Reading is my place to escape. Which has been rather hard considering my busy routine. Can't escape too often now can I?

So despite a huge list to get started on, one particular classic kept yelling, "Pick me! Pick me! Read ME!". Really it was magical, so I gave up and picked Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Only to put it aside 4 hours later after miraculous ideas for fall decor started brewing in my mind, like a potion (Ok seriously, no drama, but really!)

Harry Potter themed Halloween would be fun now, so I am brainstorming ideas I can add. I like the potions master ;) so obviously. 

But I want to alter this one a bit, plastic bottle never appealed to me. I like old fashioned glass. If I manage to edit and make these prinatble labels, they would go beautifully with old wine bottles (now I am not too happy for using them as a center piece!, will have to fish out more)

 Mason Jars seem like a good idea too, not that vintage or classy but can work especially with gooey jelly and lime green slime!

Plastic spiders and such floating would also look neat, I love cork bottles! Love anything old, vintage, worn out.

This pumpkin design is simply adorable, will have to think of how to manage the glasses though!

But my personal favorite idea is this one, using different shapes and sizes of bottles and jars, frosting them before filling colored juice. The labels need to be very authentic to give this look.

Stacks of books in various corners also look good, I like this idea and already know what materials I will be using, will be easy! (A few grocery bags, black marker and VOILA!)
Some ideas look great but I will have to get my mind to them to figure out how to manage them and what materials I will be needing.


So I will be rather busy this weekend, what about you lot? Any themes and Harry Potter ideas? Do let me know!

Parties I am going to:
Ivy & Elephants 



  1. Oh, Eva your speaking my language here! I did a Hogwarts Halloween Feast a few years ago and I created the "Potion's Lab" on a dresser and the actual feast down my dining room table. I recreated 'The Daily Prophet', the Marauder's Map, and some vintage looking spell books all for this post. I never showed how I created the paper or the map on the blog, but I showed how I created the spell books. I had a great time making it all and the children loved it. It is still one of my top viewed posts especially around Halloween. Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

    1. Sherry, thank you for following Home Decor! Glad to have other "Home Decor/Potter fanatics" out there. Wow, I would love to fish that post out and read it! Sounds fantastic and so creative. I am sure the kids must have loved the feast. The paper and map are well kept secrets then I assume? :)

      Have a great day

  2. I dream of a Harry Potter party, and I'm 30! Pinning for later.

    1. Thank you for pinning. Ah I dont think I will ever stop dreaming about Potter themed events even if I am 50! haha

      If you liked this you will enjoy Sherry's post from last year:

      I LOVED this :)

  3. Hi Eva,
    Well, I am 50 and I love it, so there you go! Haha. Super round up you have here. Great job. What a great idea doing Harry Potter for Halloween. By the way, one of my daughters reads her Harry Potter books over and over:)
    I don't have this kind of talent but I did post some mummies made from hot dogs, if you would like to see:)
    Thanks for an awesome round up:) Di

  4. Wow Di! You sure don't look 50! I'd like to look like that when I am 50 though (honest!)
    And yes I also belong to your daughter's clan ;) Can read them over and over again but sadly with all on my plate I hardly have time. Holidays often make me want to go back to the Hogwarts world :D
    You are very much talented my friend, your culinary skills seems exceptional and as they say creating a meal is a work of art! and I simply LOVE the hot dogs (might indulge and ruin my diet today!)
    Thank you so much for being here, hope to see you often :)

  5. I can't wait to see what you accomplished from your list this weekend. Loved seeing your Halloween roundup list! I loved that picture of all those books waiting to be read.

    1. Ah Amy, had a crazy busy weekend, my mother in law was over :)
      Still have unfinished business with my Harry Potter themed decor, but hopefully should be done by the end of this week! Would love to share it with you. Thank you so much for following <3

      p.s. Haha, the list..Ahh let's hope I get to reading in soon sometime :p