My blog is all about warmth love and care. I love talking and writing about home decorations, renovations, thrifty decor solutions, organizing things, design inspirations, all pretty things about home and that need personal care. Because my vision is restricted to the notion that; Home is personal, it requires a personal touch of love and creativity!
I also love sharing DIY how-to’s, home improvement tutorials, lots of crafty ideas, and great works by bloggers who share the same passions as me. Sometimes my work gets appreciation and sometimes in an effort to design a master piece, I come up with mindless crap! But, oh well, I do love whatever I do.
Through my blog, I can share my world with you. Its’ an adrenaline rush for me to share experiences, observations, and things life is teaching me. Share my life (and your own too) with me. I hope your visit to my blog is an enriching one!


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