Thursday, 22 August 2013

My newfound inspiration: The Inspired Room!

Hello everyone! I have been away for a while! But have great posts coming up soon, so stay tuned!

Today I will be reviewing one of my very Favorite blogs; “The Inspired Room” (Melissa has provided me much needed inspiration) and I love the easy and quick to do steps; which are her trademark. Being a Home Interior fanatic, honestly plants and gardens were a second love, but now I think they've paired up equally with my love for interior and designing! I recently started following The Inspired Room, but have become a die-hard fan of Melissa’s work. I want to share some of my favorite pieces with my readers.  

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For instance this amazing tea cart turned into plant stand is a fabulous idea for gardens with limited space, and especially for people who love to garden yet don’t have space. Therefore you may carry on your passion with limited space!

And, you can keep them inside and trolley them outdoors for sun and the photosynthesis process! What a great idea!


  The 5 minute garden is also one of my personal favorites! So adorable, right?

But these 5 minute teacup plants are to die for! Not only do they look beautiful, but are an easy DIY project for beginners (like myself!)

 Being a DIY/Home d├ęcor enthusiast, I am looking forward to getting a theme and teacup for each room of the house. They can easily be used to brighten a room and add natural elements. 

A big round of applaud for Melissa and her wonderful creations!

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